Ethereal Lamentations


This is the future home of Ethereal Lamentations, a free collection of orchestral music that I am composing. The music is melodic yet fully harmonized, belonging neither to any established “classical” or “modern” genre that I am aware of.

Like much of my music, this album is deeply introverted, reflecting not upon the external world itself, but upon the feelings kindled in response to it. It is not about sun, moon, stars, water, wind, and rain, although the external elements have left their indelible marks upon the pieces, but about tranquility, ebullience, sorrow, isolation, passion, grief, and hope.

Thus, fittingly forgoing the use of words, I tell my story.


The album is still a work in progress and will likely not be finished for some time. However, I will post my works here as they are completed.

  1. Moon Song 4:44
  2. Rain 2:14
  3. After the Storm 3:18
  4. Apophis 4:08
  5. Painting a Sunrise 4:15
  6. Winter 6:31
  7. What Lies Beyond the Sea 2:29
  8. Blossoms On The Wind 4:40
  9. Ethereal Lamentations 6:32
  10. Wings 3:18
  11. Starry Night 4:12
  12. Farewell 1:31

More Music

This is only a small sampling of my work. I have more available at my homepage.